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1990 Acts as notified

Year and No Name
A1990-1 Trustee (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-2 Taxation (Administration) (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-3 Rates and Land Tax (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-4 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-5 Clinical Waste Act 1990
A1990-6 Credit (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-7 Ambulance Service Levy Act 1990
A1990-8 Taxation (Administration) (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1990
A1990-9 Long Service Leave (Building and Construction Industry) (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-10 Audit (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-11 Housing Assistance (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-12 Supply Act 1990-91
A1990-13 Motor Vehicles (Dimensions and Mass) Act 1990 (renamed as Road Transport (Dimensions and Mass) Act 1990)
A1990-14 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1990
A1990-15 Publications Control (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-16 Business Franchise ("X" Videos) Act 1990
A1990-17 Taxation (Administration) (Amendment) Act (No 3) 1990
A1990-18 Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-19 Registration of Interests in Goods Act 1990
A1990-20 Registration of Interests in Goods (Consequential Amendments) Act 1990
A1990-21 Water Supply (Chemical Treatment) (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-22 Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1990
A1990-23 Director of Public Prosecutions (Consequential Provisions) Act 1990
A1990-24 Rates and Land Tax (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1990
A1990-25 Statutory Authorities (Audit Arrangements) Act 1990
A1990-26 Associations Incorporation (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-27 Business Names (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-28 Unclaimed Moneys (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-29 Evidence (Laws and Instruments) (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-30 Domestic Violence (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-31 Gaming Machine (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-32 Commercial Arbitration (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-33 Pawnbrokers (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-34 Second-hand Dealers and Collectors (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-35 Truck (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-36 Domestic Violence (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1990
A1990-37 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act (No 3) 1990
A1990-38 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act (No 4) 1990
A1990-39 Tobacco (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-40 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act (No 5) 1990
A1990-41 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act (No 6) 1990
A1990-42 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act (No 7) 1990
A1990-43 Nature Conservation (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-44 Consumer Affairs (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-45 Appropriation Act 1990-91
A1990-46 Financial Institutions Duty (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-47 Community Development Fund (Repeal) Act 1990
A1990-48 Pool Betting (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-49 Gaming Machine (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1990
A1990-50 Liquor (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-51 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act (No 8) 1990
A1990-52 Careless Use of Fire (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-53 Territory Owned Corporations Act 1990 (renamed as Territory-owned Corporations Act 1990)
A1990-54 Australian Capital Territory Gaming and Liquor Authority (Repeal) Act 1990
A1990-55 Betting (Totalizator Administration) (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-56 Liquor (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1990
A1990-57 Gaming Machine (Amendment) Act (No 3) 1990
A1990-58 Electricity and Water (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-59 Interim Planning Act 1990
A1990-60 Interim Planning (Consequential Amendments) Act 1990
A1990-61 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-62 Health Services Act 1990
A1990-63 Health Services (Consequential Provisions) Act 1990
A1990-64 Motor Traffic (Alcohol and Drugs) (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-65 Magistrates Court (Amendment) Act 1990
A1990-66 Crimes (Amendment) Act (No 3) 1990

Home > Acts > Annual listing of Acts in 1990

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