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Home > Acts > Annual listing of Acts in 1992

1992 Acts as notified

Year and No Name
A1992-1 Surveyors (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-2 Districts (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-3 Real Property (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-4 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-5 Powers of Attorney (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-6 Crimes Legislation (Status and Citation) Act 1992
A1992-7 Criminal Injuries Compensation (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-8 Bail Act 1992
A1992-9 Bail (Consequential Amendments) Act 1992
A1992-10 Milk Authority (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-11 ACT Institute of Technical and Further Education (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-12 Canberra Theatre Trust (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-13 Legal Aid (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-14 National Exhibition Centre Trust (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-15 Long Service Leave (Building and Construction Industry) (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-16 Teaching Service (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-17 Fire Brigade (Administration) (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-18 Electricity and Water (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-19 Cemeteries (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-20 Traffic (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-21 Electricity and Water (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1992
A1992-22 Agents (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-23 Statute Law Revision (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1992
A1992-24 Canberra Advance Bank Limited (Merger) Act 1992
A1992-25 Supply Act 1992-93
A1992-26 Epidemiological Studies (Confidentiality) Act 1992
A1992-27 Dog Control (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-28 Financial Institutions (Application of Laws) Act 1992
A1992-29 Financial Institutions (Supervisory Authority) Act 1992
A1992-30 Financial Institutions (Consequential Amendments) Act 1992
A1992-31 Rates and Land Tax (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-32 Land (Planning and Environment) (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-33 Buildings (Design and Siting) (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-34 Domestic Violence (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-35 Crimes (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-36 Protection Orders (Reciprocal Arrangements) Act 1992
A1992-37 Protection Orders (Reciprocal Arrangements) (Consequential Amendments) Act 1992
A1992-38 Essential Services (Continuity of Supply) Act 1992
A1992-39 Termination of Pregnancy (Repeal) Act 1992
A1992-40 NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Act 1992
A1992-41 Gas Act 1992
A1992-42 Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-43 Holidays (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-44 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-45 Animal Welfare Act 1992
A1992-46 Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1992
A1992-47 Food Act 1992
A1992-48 Building (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-49 Trustee Companies (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-50 Trustee (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-51 Director of Public Prosecutions (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-52 Drugs of Dependence (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-53 Legal Aid (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1992
A1992-54 Law Officer Act 1992
A1992-55 Rates and Land Tax (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1992
A1992-56 Milk Authority (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1992
A1992-57 Listening Devices Act 1992
A1992-58 Occupational Health and Safety (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-59 Parental Leave (Private Sector Employees) Act 1992
A1992-60 Crown Proceedings Act 1992
A1992-61 Drugs of Dependence (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1992
A1992-62 Drugs of Dependence (Amendment) Act (No 3) 1992
A1992-63 Motor Traffic (Alcohol and Drugs) (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-64 Prostitution Act 1992
A1992-65 Prostitution (Consequential Amendments) Act 1992
A1992-66 Mutual Recognition (Australian Capital Territory) Act 1992
A1992-67 Workers' Compensation Supplementation Fund (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-68 Pesticides (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-69 Appropriation Act 1992-93
A1992-70 Buildings (Design and Siting) (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1992
A1992-71 Electoral Act 1992
A1992-72 Fair Trading Act 1992 (renamed as Fair Trading (Australian Consumer Law) Act 1992)
A1992-73 Consumer Affairs (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-74 Canberra Institute of Technology (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-75 Bail (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-76 Crimes (Amendment) Act (No 2) 1992
A1992-77 Housing Assistance (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-78 Epidemiological Studies (Confidentiality) (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-79 Ambulance Service Levy (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-80 Evidence (Closed-Circuit Television) (Amendment) Act 1992
A1992-81 Casino Control (Amendment) Act 1992

Home > Acts > Annual listing of Acts in 1992

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