New website functionality


The following new functionality has recently been added to the register website.

Subscribe to general legislation news

The legislation news subscription provides email reports of ACT legislation events that occur each day and that match subscriber options. Legislation news emails are sent at the beginning of the following day and include a link to the affected law on the register website.

To subscribe –

1. Click Subscribe to News on the register home page.

Subscribe to news
There is also a link to subscribe to news from the Legislation news menu at the top of the page.

2. Enter your email address and select the categories of legislation that you want to receive news alerts about and click Subscribe.

Subscription preferences

The following legislation events are reported for ACT legislation:

  • notification
  • commencement (other than commencements on the day after notification)
  • amendment, modification and repeal
  • expired provisions

  • You will be able to unsubscribe or modify your subscription by clicking the Change subscription preferences link in the footer of an ACT legislation news email.

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    Subscribe to legislation news for a particular ACT law

    To receive email alerts of legislative events affecting a particular ACT law, go to the website page for that law and click Subscribe to this law.

    You can have both a general subscription and subscriptions to 1 or more particular laws.

    Subscribe to this law

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    What's new

    The What’s new link has moved to the foot of the home page.

    What's new
    There is also a link to What’s new from the Legislation news menu at the top of the page.

    The report is now automatically generated and updated after each upload to the website. It lists legislative events that have occurred in the last 7 days and provides a link to the website page to conveniently navigate to the affected law.

    What's new report

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    Future events

    A new report of Future events has been added to the register website.

    Future events
    There is also a link to the future events report from the Legislation news menu at the top of the page.

    Enter a date to set the report period.  A list of known future legislative events is generated. A link to the website page for the affected law is provided where further information about uncommenced amendments, repeals etc is available.

    Future events report

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    Enhancements to the LAW HISTORY tab

    The Law history tab now displays the commencement information for the law along with details of amendments, modifications, expiries and repeal.

    This information will be progressively added to the Register.

    Law history

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    Current bills listing

    The listing for current bills has been enhanced and now provides additional information about each bill's presentation date and status in the Assembly.

    Current bills listing

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    Browse legislation titles default values

    The browse legislation titles form has been adjusted to include the default values of Acts and Current to enable users to easily navigate to the selection of an alphabetical letter to browse.

    Browse default values

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    Improved browse

    After a browse lookup is executed the Browse legislation titles button now remains available at the top of the browse results page.

    Browse results listing with browse button available

    When clicked it retains your previously selected browse parameters to enable a more efficient repeat browse.

    Browse parameters retained in form

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    Search legislation text default values

    The default values in the search legislation text form have been adjusted to only include current Acts.

    Search default values

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    Item name in browser tab for PDF rendition

    The name of the law is now displayed in the browser tab to easily identify the document when multiple items are open. An icon is also included to distinguish the PDF rendition and search rendition.

    Item name in browser tab

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    Point-in-time versions tab

    The Historical versions tab has been renamed Point-in-time versions to better describe the material in the tab. The As notified version and the Current version are now included in the listing to improve access for users to all available versions.

    Point-in-time versions tab

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