Updates to the ACT Legislation Register

The new Legislation Register website was launched in August this year. User feedback identified a few functions that required improvement or fixing. The following updates have been made to the website:

Search results

  • Large documents do not display correctly on the webpage when using Internet Explorer. PCO recommends using alternate web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Large documents opened from the search results listing take a little while to load. Users will see a Loading, please wait message at the top of the page. When the message disappears the document is fully loaded.
  • Documents can now be opened from the search results listing in a new tab using the right click option Open in new tab.
  • Documents opened from the search results listing now include a Go to Item control to navigate to the item page for the legislation title.
  • View PDF

    The view PDF option now includes a third-party PDF plug-in which gives users a number of controls such as page navigation, text search within the document, zoom and most importantly a bookmarks navigation pane. The PDF plug-in and navigation pane will display in all web browsers.

    View PDF on mobile device

    The view PDF option now works correctly on mobile devices.