Roads and Public Places Act 1937



  1. Repealed by Public Unleased Land Act 2013 A2013-3 s 134. The repeal took effect when that Act commenced (see LA s 85 (2)).
  2. The Roads and Public Places Ordinance 1937 as in force immediately before 11 May 1989 continued to have effect in relation to National Land under the National Land Ordinance 1989, and as modified by that Ordinance. It is administered by the Commonwealth. A version of the National Land Ordinance 1989 including the collection of associated pre Self-Government laws can be viewed at the Federal Register of Legislation.

Repeal version

Effective Files/Formats Version Published Notes
1 July 2013 HTMLPDFWord R19 1 July 2013

Republication for repeal

Administering Minister and Directorate

  • Minister for Transport and Municipal Services - Territory and Municipal Services Directorate