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Dangerous Goods (Road Transport) Commencement Notice 2010

Made under
Dangerous Goods (Road Transport) Act 2009, s 2


  1. Despite anything to the contrary in this commencement notice, the notice commenced the Dangerous Goods (Road Transport) Act 2009 on 2 April 2010 (see Legislation Act 2001, s 77 (3)).
  2. Repealed by Legislation Act 2001, s 89 (8).
  3. The repeal of a commencement notice does not affect the continuing operation of the law (see Legislation Act 2001, s 87 (2)).

Instrument as notified

Date notified Effective Files/Formats Notes
1 April 2010 2 April 2010 - 2 April 2010 PDFPDFWord