Utilities (Technical Codes) Determination 2000

Made under
Utilities (Technical Regulation) Act 2014, s 14
In Force


  1. Amended by Utilities (Contestable Work Accreditation Code) Variation 2001 DI2001-203 to vary the Contestable Work Accreditation Code.
  2. Amended by Utilities (Dam Safety Code) Variation Determination 2003 DI2003-27 to vary the Dam Safety Code.
  3. Amended by Utilities (Variation of Franchise Customer Electricity Metering Code) Approval 2003 (No 1) DI2003-256 to vary the Franchise Customer Electricity Metering Code.
  4. Amended by Utilities (Dam Safety Code) Variation Determination 2008 (No 1) DI2008-241 to vary the Dam Safety Code.
  5. Amended by Utilities (Emergency Planning Code) Determination 2010 DI2010-170 to repeal the Emergency Planning Code.
  6. Amended by Utilities (Electricity Service and Installation Rules Code) Determination 2013 DI2013-220 to repeal the Electricity Services and Installation Rules Code.
  7. Amended by Utilities (Electricity Distribution Supply Standards Code) Determination 2013 DI2013-221 to repeal the Electricity Distribution Supply Standards Code.
  8. Amended by Utilities (Management of Electricity Network Assets Code) Determination 2013 DI2013-222 to repeal the Management of Electricity Network Assets Code.
  9. Amended by Utilities (Dam Safety Code) Determination 2014 DI2014-292 to repeal the Dam Safety Code.
  10. Amended by Utilities (Electricity Metering Code) Determination 2015 DI2015-9 to repeal the Electricity Metering Code (Franchise Customer Electricity Metering Code).
  11. Amended by Utilities (Technical Regulation) (Gas Safety and Network Operation Code) Approval 2021 DI2021-217 to repeal the Gas Safety and Operating Plan Code.
  12. Amended by Utilities (Technical Regulation) (Gas Metering Code) Approval 2021 DI2021-220 to repeal the Gas General Metering Code.

Instrument as notified

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21 December 2000 21 December 2000 PDFPDF

Explanatory statement

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As presented 21 December 2000 PDFPDF