Territory Plan 2008

Made under
Planning and Development Act 2007, s 46
In Force

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19 May 2023
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Maps (for detailed maps see ACTMAPi maintained by the Planning and Land Authority)

1. Governance
1.1 Governance [PDF 33KB]
2. Strategic Direction
2.1 Strategic Direction [PDF 107KB]
3. Residential Zones

RZ1 – RZ5 Objectives and Development Tables

3.2 Residential Zones Development Code [PDF 443KB]
3.3 Single Dwelling Housing Development Code [PDF 2471KB]
3.4 Multi Unit Housing Development Code [PDF 1206KB]
4. Commercial Zones

CZ1 – CZ6 Objectives and Development Tables

4.2 Commercial Zones Development Code [PDF 501KB]
5. Industrial Zones

IZ1- IZ2 Objectives and Development Tables

5.2 Industrial Zones Development Code [PDF 406KB]
6. Community Facility Zones

CFZ Objectives and Development Table

6.2 Community Facility Zone Development Code [PDF 313KB]
7. Parks and Recreation Zones

PRZ1 – PRZ2 Objectives and Development Tables

7.2 Parks and Recreation Zone Development Code [PDF 405KB]
8. Transport and Services Zones

TSZ1 – TSZ2 Objectives and Development Tables

8.2 Transport and Services Zone Development Code [PDF 370KB]
9. Non-Urban Zones

NUZ 1- NUZ5 Objectives and Development Tables

9.2 Non-Urban Zones Development Code [PDF 388KB]
10. Precinct Maps and Codes

Suburb Precinct Maps and Codes


District Precinct Maps and Codes


Other Precinct Codes

11. General Codes
11.1 Parking and Vehicular Access General Code [PDF 1086KB]
11.2 End-of-Trip Facilities General Code [PDF 360KB]
11.3 Access and Mobility General Code [PDF 75KB]
11.4 Crime Prevention through Environmental Design General Code [PDF 70KB]
11.5 Community and Recreation Facilities Location Guidelines General Code [PDF 631KB]
11.6 Communications Facilities and Associated Infrastructure General Code [PDF 84KB]
11.7 Signs General Code [PDF 388KB]
11.8 Water Use and Catchment General Code [PDF 535KB]
11.9 Home Business General Code [PDF 45KB]
11.10 Waterways: Water Sensitive Urban Design General Code [PDF 292KB]
11.11 Planning for Bushfire Risk Mitigation General Code [PDF 1002KB]
11.12 Residential Boundary Fences General Code [PDF 56KB]
11.13 Lease Variation General Code [PDF 177KB]
12. Overlays
12.1 Overlays [PDF 16KB]
13. Definitions
13.1 Definitions [PDF 462KB]
14. Structure Plans
14.1 West Belconnen [PDF 397KB]
14.3 Kingston Foreshore [PDF 393KB]
14.4 North Watson [PDF 90KB]
14.5 Gungahlin Central Area [PDF 697KB]
14.6 Gungahlin: Part of Nicholls including Gold Creek Tourist Area [PDF 290KB]
14.7 North Gungahlin [PDF 1618KB]
14.8 East Gungahlin – Suburbs of Kenny, Throsby, Part Harrison and Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve [PDF 228KB]
14.9 Gungahlin – Suburb of Crace [PDF 252KB]
14.10 Molonglo and North Weston [PDF 650KB]
14.11 Lawson South [PDF 166KB]
14.12 Holt part section 99 (Belconnen Golf Course) [PDF 473KB]
14.13 Gungahlin Town Centre [PDF 255KB]
15. Concept Plans – Precinct Codes for Section 93 of the Planning and Development Act 2007
15.2 Casey [PDF 4074KB]
15.5 Macgregor West [PDF 4495KB]
15.6 Flemington Road Corridor [PDF 19359KB]
15.8 Jacka [PDF 2512KB]
15.9 Moncrieff [PDF 849KB]
15.10 North Weston [PDF 314KB]
15.11 Coombs and Wright [PDF 2256KB]
15.12 Lawson South [PDF 639KB]
15.13 Holt part section 99 (Belconnen Golf Course) [PDF 1097KB]
15.14 Throsby [PDF 786KB]
15.15 West Belconnen [PDF 1416KB]
15.16 Watson, Section 76 [PDF 848KB]
15.17 Molonglo Group Centre and Surrounds [PDF 4353KB]
16. Development Codes
16.1 Estate Development Code [PDF 1110KB]
  Endnotes [PDF 3466KB]