Territory Plan 2023

Made under
Planning Act 2023, s 45
In Force

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1 March 2024
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Part A - Administration and Governance
  Administration and Governance [PDF 434KB]
Part B - Territory Plan Maps
  Territory Plan Maps [PDF 60919KB]
Part C - Planning Principles and Strategic Links
  Planning Principles and Strategic Links [PDF 415KB]
Part D - District Policies
  D01 - Gungahlin District Policy [PDF 2517KB]
  D02 - Belconnen District Policy [PDF 4381KB]
  D03 - Inner North and City District Policy [PDF 6487KB]
  D04 - Inner South District Policy [PDF 3917KB]
  D05 - Molonglo Valley District Policy [PDF 7175KB]
  D06 - Weston Creek District Policy [PDF 1182KB]
  D07 - Woden District Policy [PDF 2897KB]
  D08 - Tuggeranong District Policy [PDF 4337KB]
  D09 - East Canberra District Policy [PDF 2121KB]
  D10 - Non-Urban District Policy [PDF 3690KB]
Part E - Zone Policies
  E01 - Residential Zones Policy [PDF 409KB]
  E02 - Commercial Zones Policy [PDF 3399KB]
  E03 - Industrial Zones Policy [PDF 386KB]
  E04 - Community Facility Zones Policy [PDF 347KB]
  E05 - Parks and Recreation Zones Policy [PDF 360KB]
  E06 - Transport and Services Zones Policy [PDF 327KB]
  E07 - Non-Urban Zones Policy [PDF 413KB]
Part F - Other Policies
  F01 - Subdivision Policy [PDF 370KB]
  F02 - Lease Variation Policy [PDF 303KB]
Part G - Dictionary
  Dictionary [PDF 636KB]
  Endnotes [PDF 172KB]